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My journey into makeup wasn’t planned! When I was a teenager I always enjoyed the visual arts, I always thought I wanted to be an art teacher so I completeD a Bachelor in Fine Arts and then attempted a masters of art teaching. I figured out it wasn’t for me which then lead me to complete a certificate of makeup services. I then started with a prestige cosmetic company and stayed on for six years, 5 of those as the counter manager. I was also lucky enough to meet Kim and work alongside her for 3 amazing years! After achieving some wonderful milestones with a cosmetic brand I knew I wanted to branch out on my own and continue my artistry in a more one on one, personable setting. Kim and I decided to make the leap together and as such Makeup Bar Hobart was born! 

When I’m not doing makeup I’m usually thinking about makeup, buying makeup and skincare and adventuring through the Internet to discover new tips and tricks. In my spare time I love to take naps, listen to true crime podcasts and go on adventures with my bae Ali and our two cats Bill and Ross.

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My venture into the world of makeup happened unexpectedly while I was still at university. Desperately seeking a career with more of a creative outlet, I jumped ship and completed my Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services in 2011, and the rest is history! I was lucky enough to land my dream job with a cosmetics company and worked my way up and around the company for the next 7.5 years. Originally from Brisbane, I fell well and truely in love with Tasmania on various visits here and finally moved here in 2016 where I was lucky enough to meet and work with Alex. After a few years of working together, the idea of Makeup Bar was conceived and now here we are! 

When I’m not painting faces, you’ll typically find me outside trying to hike, swim, climb a mountain or pat your dog. I can’t wait to see where Makeup Bar takes us and to meet you all along the way!

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